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This web site contains information on consulting and my hobbies.  The site is divided into a national area and local areas.  The national area contains links and information that would be of interest to anyone in the U.S..   The local areas are for links, information, and forums that are of interest to a person living in a particular area.  Some of the local areas contain subareas that contain forums which allow people to post and read messages.  The Search This Website link can be used to do a Google search on this site.  Some of the areas on this site, such as the gun area, contain many links which are divided into categories.  Many of the links can fit into more than one category.   The links are typically put into the most general category they will fit into.  The Google search can be used to find a particular link if you know part of the name.  Ctrl+F (Edit Find) can be used to find a link once you are on a page.

The Cars area is mainly sports and exotic cars.  The Consultants area is mostly for high-tech consulting.


National Area

Cars   Cars

Consultants, Contractors

Guns   Guns

Local Area for Cars, Consultants, Guns, Hiking

The Cars area contains links for dealers, mechanics, and organizations.

The Consultants area contains local links and forums for jobs postings.

The Guns area contains links to local gun clubs, competitions, manufacturers, organizations, etc.  There are also forums for gun chat.

The Hiking area contains information on hiking trails and historic Dallas neighborhoods.

Cars Guns Swiss Katy Trail

DFW, Dallas, Fort Worth Cars, Consultants, Guns, Hiking Areas Dallas