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These sites offer some form of information. They may be commercial sites who offer information as part of their business.


These sites offer information on gun competitions and matches.

Bullseye Competition Things
Bullseye-l FAQ Index
High Power Rifle Competition
Nygord's Notes
Pilk Interviews
Places that host Bullseye Shooting
TargetShooting Canada A Canadian Bullseye Resource
TargetTalk (Olympic style shooting)
The Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol

Gun Control

Geeks With Guns - Politics, Firearms
Gun Facts
Guns Are Good - Pro Gun Articles, Information, Rights, Second Amendment
GunCite gun control and Second Amendment issues
Packing.org Concealed Carry (CCW) Weapon Law


These are general information sites. Look under the Organizations page for organization sites that have information.

AeroBallistics OnLine
Alamance Independent (Gun reviews)
American Shooter
Archive of gun articles
BiggerHammer - When a small hammer just ain't enough.
Biggerhammer.net - Miscellaneous Firearms Technical and Training Manuals
Border Barrels, Archer Barrels
Bullet Types
Cannon, Machine Guns and Ammunition
CenterFire Central
CSP Gun Talk
Find Articles - Gun Magazines
FirearmsID.com- An Introduction to Forensic Firearm Identification
Google Directory - Recreation Guns Competition Shooting Bullseye
Gun News Daily
GunHoo Gun Pages Central Firearms Links
Hand Gun Info
Handgun Review
How Do Bullets Fly
Hunting Society
Internet Shooting Directory
JBM - Ballistic Calculations
Jeff Cooper's Commentaries Vol. 1
Jeff Cooper's Commentaries
John Taffin's Sixguns
JUSTNET Justice Technology Information Network
Los Angeles Silhouette Club
Marlin Owners
Military Info Publishing Home Page
Military Survival Rifles
Modern Firearms & Ammunition
Norma - Ballistic Calculations
Pistol Shooting in Australia, AusPistol - Home Page
Pistolsmith (Pistol Discussion)
rec.guns FAQ I.E. Terminology and Acronyms
Rig Rate - Holster Search, Ratings, and Reviews
SecurityArms (3,000) photos
Shooting Links
Slow-motion gun firing (bsg-dornier.de)
Slow-motion gun firing (kurzzeit.com)
Sniper Central
Sniper Country
Snipers Paradise
Sport Shooter
Surplus Rifle Collecting and Shooting the Military Surplus Rifle
The Firing Line - Forums, Links, Library
The High Road - Forums, Links, Library
United States Army - Mallow, Timothy J.
Urban Armory
USA Shooters - For the Shooting Community


These are the sites of magazine publishers. They may offer full text of current and past articles or just a sample.

American Handgunner Online Edition
Arizona Outdoorsman
Firearms Tactical Institute
Frugal Outdoorsman
Gun Blast
Gun Tests
Gun Week
Guns & Ammo
Precision Shooting
Small Arms Review
Wolfe Publishing Company
Women & Guns

Personal Web Pages

These are web sites by individuals.

John Bercovitz
Hi Powers and Handguns
Nick W.'s Red-Dot Sight Guide
Not Purfect
Paul Mulcahy’s
Dan Young's Firearms Pages


These sites relate to gun safty.

Lead Article rec.guns FAQ XIII.A.5.b. ASLET Lead Article
Lead Contaminates Handout from UT
LEAD POISONING – It can happen to you
Lead Poisoning


These sites are for self-defense by firearms.

Armed Citizen
Ballistic Review
Columns by Massad Ayoob
Concealed Carry Page
Crime Doctor Website, Chris McGoey, security consultant, security expert witness, Chris McGoey, security consultant
FBI Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness
Firearms Tactical Institute
Handgun Drills and Standards Page
No Nonsense Self Defense - Marc A MacYoung
Self Defence
Street Smarts and Survival Skills - Staying Alive


These sites relate to women and firearms.

Handguns and Accessories for Women and Southpaws
Mothers Arms (MA)